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SMART SHOP is carrying out the production and sale of various activists' item.
  Seppuku Pistols,   the C&C,   Art Guilt,   etc.

The process by which we printed the clothes is completely manual. We only use water based textile ink. The silkscreen print using this ink achieve a soft print that feels like ink is part of the fabric. It's designs are quirky, unconventional, and mostly limited editions. Please click here, and see the T-shirts on Instagram which we printed.

You can buy only here the item whom we sell. We do not do wholesale.

Payment can be made by PayPal only.     

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19 Feb. 2016
What's New! - the C&C Badges Tweet Emotion (3 kinds)
10 Feb. 2016
What's New! - the C&C T-shirt C-CUP (Fluorescent pink)
07 Feb. 2016
What's New! - the C&C T-shirt C-CUP black
02 Feb. 2016
What's New! - Japanese Wolf-2 patch
02 Feb. 2016
What's New! - Japanese Wolf-1 patch
27 Jan. 2016
What's New! - Nami Usagi patch
24 Jan. 2016
What's New! - Unryu patch
21 Jan. 2016
What's New! - Manpuku Wagojin patch
12 Jan. 2016
What's New! - the C&C white T-shirt C-CUP
04 Jan. 2016
I wish you a happy New Year!
12 Dec. 2015
SMART SHOP will be closed from 30 Dec. 2015 to 3 Jan. 2016 due to the New Yearfs Holiday Closing. I am looking forward to seeing you again at our store next year.

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