Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy

1. Payment
Payment can be made by PayPal only.

2. How to order
You click "Shopping" button to move to SMART SHOP's shopping site.
You add the items you want to the cart.
The shipping cost is $10 in a single transaction. (Flat Fare)
When you close an account, you click "View Cart" button of the screen top right corner.
You input information according to the instructions of the screen.
Payment can be made by PayPal only.
Please choose a way to pay.
  •Pay with my PayPal account
  •Pay with a credit card
  (Please sign up for PayPal for faster future checkout)
We will ship your order within 3 business days after receiving your payment.
You'll receive a shipping e-mail when your items have been shipped.

Shipping, etc.

1. How much is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is $10 in a single transaction. (Flat Fare)

2. What is the shipping method?
We send the items by International ePacket of Japan Post.
International ePacket Features
  •Small items under 2kg can be sent for a cheaper price comparing to EMS (International Express Mail) or to registered small packets.
  •The items are sent by airmail.
  •Tracking service is available for some countries.

3. What day of the week is the non-business day?
Saturday and Sunday

About Seppuku Pistols

Japan opened its doors to the West in Meiji era[1868-1912]. Seppuku Pistols have doubts about Meiji era of modernization in which aspects of Western systems and culture were adopted, they advocate that it is time to step up to reverse an alarming trend. They live in noragi and give performances with Japanese music instruments across Japan under the slogan of "let's turn Japan into Edo". Project began on the new year's eve in 1999 in Tokyo with approximately ten members from different parts of Japan. Activities range from Wadaiko performance, music distribution online, terakoya workshop to rakugo lives. The design of the T-shirt which they create is very unique.
[Official Website]
Seppuku Pistols / Official

About the C&C

the C&C is the Japanese punk band formed in 1992. They are respected from many Japanese punk band. Their sound which was influenced by London punk of the 1970s is straight rock 'n' roll. Their music video can be seen on YouTube.
[Official Website]
the C&C TV

About Art Guilt

Art Guilt is a shadowy group producing the design which injected the Japanese 'stylish' into overseas 'cool'.

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