About Us

SMART SHOP was established in 2004 it is now celebrating its 12th Year.

We imported repro of Seditionaries items at first from the U.K. and sold them in Japan. However, unfortunately many Seditionaries items are reproduced in Japan. SMART SHOP have much respect for Seditionaries as British culture. Therefore, we do not produce copies of Seditionaries.

Nearly every our item has been affected in some way by Seditionaries. We do not exactly feel that our item is consciously Japanese. However, we are really happy whenever foreign people who look at our work say that these design is Japanese, because we think it is natural that a design made by a Japanese activist should feel Japanese.

You cannot find our item anywhere else. We do not sell wholesale to other suppliers, we do direct sales only. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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